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Not just for secrets a brother and sister are angels of each other’s life being the emotional backbone of each other. There are few things in their relationship which makes it dearer.
1. Partner in crime
From knowing smallest to the biggest secret our brothers are our biggest partner in crime. When you want to do something adventurous in your life why to worry because you have a brother in your life who is ever ready to do the most mischievous and vivid things that exists in this world.
2. Paiso ka len-den
The way this equation works is just amazing. If a brother has taken Rs.3000 from the sister, then he would have to return this money not 1 time, but at least 2-3 times because she would not let such a golden opportunity to go like this. Just because she was the one who lent the money so obviously she will take advantage of that and that too to the maximum extent.
3. Your Counsellor
The way he stands beside you, teaches you the most important things of our life in the most humorous and unique way is all together a different experience to live. So when parents fail to make anything understand he is the one who will do it, yes of course in his unique style of blackmailing in n number of ways.
4. Making you the culprit when you are the victim
Author- Neha Wadhwa
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