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This might sound really weird as to how can someone’s playlist define his/her character, but, a thorough research about human personality says that it explains quite a lot of trait about a particular person depending on what kind of music he prefers to listen. Have you ever pondered over the fact that why does a person prefer to listen to only soft music while the other just can’t stand it and goes around for hard metal music? Well, there has to be some reason behind such drastic characteristic!

I have always been into music that soothes my mind and soul, yes! I’m talking about soft romantic peaceful tracks that seep my mind and feeds my soul by taking away all the pain and harassment I’ve been through the day. I have my own favorites and all of them belong to the soft genre which makes it quite evident that I do not prefer noise and any kind of hustle-bustle. Even if someone plays music that comes out with a lot of bass and loud lyrics, I prefer moving out of that place and find some peace. Clearly, it irks me to the core.

Now coming to a situation that goes vice-versa, if someone is into rock music, the one with stark open lyrics weaved by a lot of bass than surely that person is someone who’s an extrovert, who doesn’t really seek enjoyment in peace-loving tracks but his happiness lies in dancing to the tune of peppy track, which is one good sign of a delightful person.

You know when a person is somewhat broken from inside he’ll find his solace in sad lyrics which explains his very disposition. He has got no one to express his feelings but music understands him and gets him out of his heavy heart. He might not really show his pain or lament in front of anyone and probably you would never know what he’s going through unless you get in touch with his playlist.

Everyone abides by their own choice of lifestyle in this world. Not anyone should be judged for what they choose to do and listen, as that’s how human beings are made. The difference is the very essence of the human phenomena and one should always respect this fact.

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