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What is the most fun thing to do on a computer? (Apart from watching porn and playing CS, of course)
Let us all shout it out together: ‘PHOTOOOOSHOOPPP’
I mean it is just amusing how the exclusive tools present in this software can help us become whatever we want. Even if you are looking like a potato, Photoshop has the power to make you so good that you can give Brad Pitt a run for his money. *BOOM*
Now, there are many talented Photoshop artists out there but James Fridman is definitely one of them. And, the best thing about him, well he is criminally sassy and hilarious.
So, James asks his followers to submit some pictures that they want to get edited, as the alteration demand flows in, he selects few pictures and edits the heck out of them to give out a picture that can make your ass fall on the ground laughing.
Here, we tried to make a compilation of some of Jame’s most hilarious works:-

1). James Providing Some Good Fashion Advice There

2). Chicken Wings Are Definitely Way Better Than Unicorn Wings, We Are With You James!

3). James Showcasing His Unmatched Sass And Wits

4). The Seven Dwarfs From Snow White Were Not All Male, I Guess!

5). James Sprinkling Some Sarcasm To teach Us The Importance Of Wearing A Seat Belt Whilst Driving

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- Shivam
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