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Every human is different and so are the viewpoints but one thing that brings all of us on the same page is ‘MONEY’.

We all believe that money is hell important and possesses a lot of prowess. I mean I haven’t seen someone who owns a Jaguar and looks sad. *meh*

At least, once in life we all have thought of becoming so rich that we can get Beyonce sing at our kid’s Sangeet function, *sigh*

I think life would have been really simple and sorted if we had fuck loads of money, right?

Depicting the same scenario, web-comic artist Nixon Siow has made some hilarious comics. Nixon says: “After watching a comedy movie called "Crazy Rich Asians", I was inspired to create a new comic series about a rich guy. I didn't spend a lot of time on the character design as I was following my intuition.”

So, let us get scrolling to see Nixon’s outrageously funny work, shall we?

1). All That Glitters Is Definitely GOLD!

2). When You Have Money, You Own The World

3). It Has Hurt So Much That Even My Ice-Cold Heart Has Started Crying Like Anything

4). These Articles Are For Gareeb(s) Like Us Who Are slogging Their Asses To Make Petty Money By Writing Petty Articles

5). Money Can Make You A PUBG Pro In No Fucking Time, Damn It!

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- Shivam
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