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Shashi Deshpandey knows how to play with words very well. She is perfect in provoking the inner lady with her words. Once you read her novel, you will become her fan. It seems like that she have done Ph.D. in showing a woman’s feelings. Whether the woman is working or a house-wife, she depicts the storyline in her novels that you will totally lose yourself in it.

She is an award-winning Indian novelist. She is the second daughter of famous Kannada dramatist and writer Sriranga. This creative skull was born in Karnataka and educated in Bombay and Bangalore. She published her first collection of short stories in 1978 and her first novel ‘The Dark Holds No terror’ in 1980.

For her work in ‘That Long Silence’, she was honored with Sahitya Akademi Award in 1990 and with Padma Shri in 2009. Through her work, one can conclude that she is a feminist. Along with praises for her work, she also got criticized many times. But the lady is so strong in herself that manage to stand up for her work. Even she doesn’t need to stand up or say anything because her work has a voice and that voice is louder than anyone else’ voice.

Let’s see some of her works that give good lessons to learn:-

‘That Long Silence’

It is a feminist novel written by Shashi Deshpande. The novel opens about the situation of the relationship between a husband and wife of an Indian family in the patriarchal culture of Indian society. And further story revolves around the wife situation in the novel who is the protagonist and around her silence.

It is one of her great works and beautifully showing one face of Indian marriage.

‘The Dark Holds No Terror’

Another book, which is another mind-blowing example of the feminist plot is this novel- The Dark Holds No Terror. The best part of each novel which Shashi Deshpandey puts is that she chooses the most realistic plots and try to show real problems faced by women. And this makes her novels most liked.

‘The Binding Vine’

The praise-worthy novel by Shashi Deshpandey which so sharply reflects the situations of three woman in the novel. It is the story which focuses on female characters and their struggle for Independence in a male dominating world.

Other than these great novels, she also has written many more novels and each one of them, giving us a lesson.
Author- Simran Bhatnagar

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