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Many tracks may come and go over the decades but only a few manage to make an impression in our hearts forever. I’m sure that we the 90’s child would know that there were few famous pop songs that with its release had snatched our heart away. Those peppy tracks have not only set a milestone in the music industry but we’re sure that nothing can really replace the tracks. If it’s even played now, I might just lose it and drool over it for sure.
Let’s have a look at the iconic tracks that are so drool-worthy that I can still cry for it:

1. My Heart Will Go On
The most heart-wrenching track of all time stands unparalleled when it’s come to the legacy of love songs. Celine Dion has not only set a benchmark with this but has made the universe lose its breadth with every time the track being played.

2. Barbie Girl
Do we really need to talk about how impulsive this song was or still is? Our childhood is nothing without this track on which at some point in our lives we’ve shaken a leg. Be it at home or even the annual day celebrations at school.

3. The Ketchup Song
So is there anyone who has not been humming to the tune of this in your childhood? I don’t really think so! Yes, it’s the one we’ve been claiming to be the isare-hey-ha-ae-hey song for until recently. I still can't sing it in the correct way and none of you out there have sang it correct ever we guess!

4. Hips Don’t Lie
Shakira Shakira! I’m sure all the girls out there must have tried grooving their belly to this. Shakira won our hearts with her oh-so-fluid moves. Well, I’m sure everyone would still want to dance on this.

5. One Love
Ah, the Blues! I don’t remember the one who didn’t memorize its lyrics and sang completely in tune. Of course, I can bet on this that it’s one of the favorite tracks of all the guys out there.

6. Love Story
It was the rise of Taylor Swift with this song, which is so dream–like that we can still hear it over and over again. The sugar sweet fairy tale of a princess and a common boy, makes us imagine completely in the song.

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