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True that we human beings do not realise the true worth of something unless we lost them forever. When it comes to relationships there are lot of relationship we tend to neglect them, behave as they do not exist for us. But remember that you will really miss that person when they are no longer with you. We really don’t want you to feel guilty so here we are to show what things you will really miss o it is important that you don’t creep about them…
Grandparents are one of those very important people of our life who don’t get any attention. Things that you will miss about them when they are no longer with you.
1. Their habit of interfering in everything you do
Our grandparents have this habit of speaking in between of anything and we hate this habit of them as we take it as interference but believe us you will really miss this whenever you will do something you would be reminded of them speaking. You would really want that someone should interfere when they are no longer with you.
So it is important that you don’t take it as an interference.
2. Coming late home
Call it as their concern, love or care, but they are really worried when you are out and are not able to sleep till the time you will reach home. May be you don’t like this habit of asking again and again by what time are you reaching but you will miss it when they no longer say anything about it. So feel special if they you have your grandparents who are so much concerned about you.
3. Not include them in our important events of our life
We hardly include our grandparents in most of our important celebrations, occasions of our life. We don’t spend time with them but you will regret that when they are no longer with you. So take some time from your life and give to them.
So hopefully you would let your memories flow like a wind…..
Author- Neha Wadhwa
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