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From being your best buddy when you are frightened of being your sole support , happiness, sadness, frustration or disgust your life can teach you some of the most important lessons of your life when you are living outside.
Here are some of the important lessons that our PG/Flat life teaches
From managing the food to our clothes PG life definitely teaches us to be independent. We actually become Kushal grahani where we not only learn to bargain the price of vegetables, but we are also aware about each and everything related to the price of household items be it aata or appliances.
Isn’t it good that we have already learned to do things which we are supposed to manage the future? It is definitely a good step in the direction of planning the future.
Dealing with the people is definitely an art which everyone does not have. When we are living outside, we learn how to tackle the problems of our life. The maturity level is clearly noticeable by the way we talk to people, make them understand our things.
The person will develop confidence to do anything and everything in life. No matter what comes in their path they are able to say SO WHAT I can do it because they have experienced, suffered so much in life that no problem seems BIG to them.
Before coming from home, you may be the biggest fattu, not even able to decide what to wear, but when you are living outside you learn the skills to take even the biggest decisions of your life without the support of others.
So if you haven't lived this experience then you are definitely the biggest lessons of your life.
But ,don't worry you still have the chance...
Author- Neha Wadhwa
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