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Everyone is born for a purpose in this world. Life has endowed us with all the possible features to fulfill that purpose and chase our heart. Just because we’re born in a conservative family that has got limits and boundaries when it comes to career, we shouldn’t just sit back and bury our aspirations and desires which is going to question us all our lives if we don’t fulfill and yes! Our life would be no less than hell.

Imagine if Sachin Tendulkar wouldn’t have followed his dream of a cricketer and would have pursued a career in some engineering or medical, the world would never get to witness a sensation of the sports world. Similarly, if Michael Jackson would have thought of becoming any normal corporate worker other than a pop star, that’s horrifying even to think about it.

The plan is that simple, you just have to buckle up, pull up your socks and embark on the journey that is waiting for you, instead of the one that you’ve no idea about and you know that you somewhere might get lost in choosing something which you’re not made for. It might seem like a great deal but, once you gather up the courage to take a stand for yourself, you got way to go. It might seem frightening to talk about your goals with your parents, they might spin you round and round with questions, but yes, you have to be prepared enough for it to clean your throat and answer back.

You must have dreamt of becoming a musician, a painter, a dancer or an actor, which is of equal importance in the world like any corporate or private jobs and there’s no bad cultivating such dreams to prosper in life and to make a mark. Your baby steps for taking a stand for yourself and your dreams would prove as an inspiration for the one who’s looking up to you. Know your worth and achieve your aspirations. That is what being bold is all about.

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