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The notion of futuristic transportation is something to look upon eagerly. We have had a fair knowledge about the fact that technology is focusing on a much faster and easier mode of transportation with the fast-paced lifestyle and work pressure. Everyone is in hurry to reach their desired places as soon as possible. No one has really got the time to get jacked in traffic that can lead to serious outcomes. Autonomous cars are one of the biggest await of the era that is supposed to change the concept of vehicles can only be driven manually. There’s going to be a smarter version of vehicles just like our phones which is going to run according to our commands and nothing really could be cooler than that.

1. Autonomous Cars
Cloud computing and technologies such as AI & IoT have brought the remote notion of autonomous cars to reality. Not just that, many companies have already started trial runs and it’s actually on the verge of getting launched soon.

2. Convertible Cab Cum Store
Sharing cabs are about to enhance their functionality. Cabs will now be customized onto performing more than just the mere task of carrying passengers. It would be transformed into a garment selling store in the evening or can also be changed into food delivery van in the early morning. Toyota has already developed one naming it e-Palette that changes its versatility from a cab to a store selling stuff.

3. Futuristic Subways
That one concept that can eradicate all problems related to traffic. Elon Musk, founder of the reputed Tesla has got plans to come up with futuristic subways. A stretch of the tunnel has already been finished in Los Angeles that is expected to transport people in their own private vehicles or pedestrian ‘pods’ at a speed of 150mph.

4. Hyperloop
One of the most extravagant and costliest modes of transportation is being developed by the two technological mavericks namely, Tesla and Hyperloop. A Hyperloop will make its passengers travel at a speed of 600mph, twice the speed of the fastest trains. The tube doesn’t allow frictions caused by air thus, making the speed this fast.

5. Flying Taxi
Well, now that’s something inconceivable! How can a taxi fly? But as they rightly say that nothing is impossible, Uber has already partnered with none other than NASA to get this task fulfilled by 2023. Straight out of some science fiction this new aviation mode is going to set an unbelievable milestone.

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