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Katrina Kaif says she feels all fine to dance on item songs in Bollywood when she’s asked to share her opinion on what Karan Johar had to say about item songs. Director cum Producer Karan Johar recently commented about something on item songs in his films on which everyone is left with mixed feelings. The director apologized for having executed item songs like “Chikni Chameli” in his movie, also adds that he won’t be coming up with any such acts henceforth.

Undoubtedly, Katrina Kaif’s presence in Bollywood and her success can be traced by the actress’s sheer dancing skills and her popular item numbers right from “Chikni Chameli” to “Sheila Ki Jawaani” she has made us go gaga over her sculpted figure and smooth dancing moves. Also, she has already come up with “Husn Parcham”, a dance number from her upcoming movie Zero which has already sent a storm all around and her fans are drooling all over her with her sensational avatar as a superstar in Zero.

Reacting to what Karan had to say about item dance the actress told DNA that she didn’t feel that way how Karan is trying to say. She didn’t feel objectified in anyways having danced on “Chikni Chameli”, rather she felt happy working for it. The actress quoted "Oh, I didn't know that was said, but I feel very differently on the matter. I feel it's all down to the individual who is performing the song. Madonna, who I'm sure we all know of, I don't think she is feeling objectified. I don't think Beyonce who performs in a swimsuit on stage is feeling objectified. It's all about how you feel while you are performing that song. I can tell you, I never felt objectified in 'Chikni Chameli'. I enjoyed that song. I enjoyed the dance, I enjoyed what I was doing."

She rightfully said it so, a woman doesn’t necessarily have to be objectified when she’s working on something quite happily. She feels, it all depends upon the angle as to how it is to be perceived, and there’s no wrong when it’s done by the right people for the correct audience. It’s all about perspectives at the end of the day.

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