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When you are working somewhere it is very obvious that you are feeling attached to the place, people, atmosphere, vibes and everything in the office because we humans being sensitive creatures have that emotional attachment to anything with which we spend time. A lot of times we get attached to something so much it becomes difficult to leave that and the mere thought of letting it go makes us feel that we are losing everything. But always remember that life is all about moving forward and never looking backward.
So if you find yourself in any such situation, no need to stress out. MAKE SURE whatever you decide is best for you. Never take the decision by being emotional because it will impact you.
This is how you can decide…
1.Attachment With Someone V/S Good Opportunity
A lot of times a good opportunity is knocking your door with open arms, but you are not really able to grab that. WHY? Because you have this fear in mind that you will lose someone from grabbing this chance. But if something/someone is really stopping you from getting something you want, then you really need to think again. How can one person stop you from getting on the path of success because if that person is really your well-wisher he/she will himself ask you to go for that opportunity.
2.Opportunity Want Or Need?
Some things are good for your career growth, that growth may be in terms of finance or otherwise, but there are some things which make you happy. So if that opportunity brings some kind of happiness in your life then just don’t think again. Just go for it.
It is important to carefully analyse all positive, negatives of the opportunity. Will you get that chance again if you miss the opportunity and what is the marginal utility and cost of the opportunity?
So before rushing into any decisions just think, take time and then decide……..
Author- Neha Wadhwa
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