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The cleansing step is always considered as the boring step, but it is the most essential for our face. If you don’t clean your face properly you will lose the natural glow and clear complexion.

People who understand the importance of cleansing face, whether prefer the traditional way to clean their face by using their hands. But some use devices, and these devices make sure to clean the impurities from your face properly.
Cleansing devices are not new in the market, you may find many new technology cleansing devices. But some of them are too harsh which may lead to inflammation or irritation to the skin. We personally support the devices that are born after so much research and can be used easily.

So let’s see some of the devices that are new technology born and very useful to clean the face perfectly.

1. 3D Sonic Motion

First in our list is- 3D Sonic Motion (which refers to the way the bristles move). The cleansing device offers the features of an added 3D micro-movement (vertical and horizontal motion). This feature of this device helps in cleansing the uneven surface of the face and even removes impurities from the ridges of the skin.

The device uses the power of ions to clean and attract the negatively charged impurities that are- dead skin cell, sebum and makeup.

2. Oxyjet

Oxyjet Polish is a non-invasive treatment that includes high-velocity oxygen-rich water jet to cleanse and desensitize skin. In the process the skin impelled with the oxygen-rich water for an effective deep cleansing. This helps to exfoliates, purifies, tone and retexture the skin.

3. IPL

The process is known as the Pulsed Light Therapy, as the lights are being used to heat and destroy numerous skin conditions. IPL technology rejuvenates the skin by minimising age spots and leave the skin baby soft. It remove all the blemishes and pigmentation, give your skin a toned look and luminous skin. It tackles the bacteria which causes acne. Other than these benefits, IPL also provides facial hair removal.


Q-Known as the Pulsed Light Therapy this technology is also a name of cricket tournament and rejuvenates the skin by minimizing age spots. Name the technology device
Author- Simran Bhatnagar
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