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It must be looked upon as a trend to lose all that you have on someone who’s more like autumn which is meant to shred and waste away soon. The generation is after achieving something which is vile and has got no depth. Out of these millions, there must be standing a girl in the crowd who finds herself completely opposing the thoughts and conviction of the present generation. People would find her awkward and not bold enough, but she remains unaffected by them all.

In the quest to find happiness and pleasure she doesn’t delve into people who are meant to stay for a very short while and are eventually meant to part ways. It’s a matter of concern for her, for where the generation is heading. The basic ethics and principles of life are now seen finding no grounds to evolve, rather it’s on the verge of extinction. Call her platonic! Well! She prides herself in being so. She is still there waiting for the only love of her life who is meant to spoil her in the most beautiful way possible; not the one who is devoted to her physically just for a single night.

She knows that it’s not something that her principles allow, she believes that if she gets into an intimate relationship with someone, she is meant to fall for him and that thing is going to turn disastrous when the other person will blow all the moments away with a blink of his eyelid. That’s surely not acceptable if one has got certain values in life and mostly the value of an intimate relationship. Love is no one night stand! Being intimate is not just about losing one’s purity, it has got more to it.

If you choose to remain the one who doesn’t follow the ultra-modern generation, chill! You don’t have to. It’s in no way making you uncool. In fact, it’s cooler on your part to opt out and unfollow the present superficial norms and walk accordingly in your own defined path.

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