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The everyday annoying little things like make us irritated and frustrated with our life and it feels that how nice it would be if we wake up the next morning and all our problems are just not there.
Here are some of the things which if have been possible life would be just awesome and fun.
1. ATM machine like a juicer
Just imagine you don’t have to stand in long queue and there is some technology where you can take out cash just like you take out juice in the juicer. No tension of going outside when you have your own ATM machine in your home.
2. Mood Changer like TV Remote
Wouldn’t it be great if we could control and manage our mood, according to our tastes and preferences just like the way we control our preferences by the TV remote? Life would be so easy when we don’t have any mood swings.
3. Control the Wifi by AC control
Wifi is one of the biggest problems of our lives because the way internet has controlled our lives no one can imagine life without the internet and our life really sucks when we don’t have a good internet connection. But just imagine how amazing our life would be if we could really control the wifi just by one remote. We could also be able to torture and yes of course blackmails people by controlling the biggest thing in their life.
4. Exchange Weight
I think all of us want a perfect body shape. Some want to lose weight while some of us gain weight. Wouldn’t it be just awesome if we could exchange weight according to our convenience as we increase/decrease the temperature of food in microwave oven.
Author-Neha Wadhwa
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