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If you ask any beauty junkie the reason behind their beauty and young skin, they will suggest you that Vitamin C serum is the thing to invest in. Vitamin C has two key benefits, firstly it has antioxidants that shield the skin from free radicals and secondly, it helps in improving the collagen and elastin production that removes wrinkles and improve skin tone.

And if we talk about the aging signs, vitamin C at the same time also very helpful in brighten and lighten skin tone, fades hyperpigmentation, and age spots. And today we will tell you that how you can incorporate vitamin C in your skincare routine.

#1 Find Stable Formula

Find the Vitamin C serum of the company that is open to tell you about each and everything about their product. As the pH level of Vitamin C should be below 3.5 for the skin to absorb. And if you don’t know that your skin needs 20% of vitamin C on daily basis, but not more than this. So if all these details you will find mentioned in the product then it is good to take. But if the company doesn’t want to reveal, then they must be hiding something from you.

#2 Vitamin C Rich Fruits

Apart from spending so much penny in costly Vitamin C serums, you can opt for including vitamin c rich fruits in your diets. You can eat oranges along with your daily breakfast, and after eating oranges you can also use the peels of it on your face. In the evening you can take a glass of fresh orange juice or lime juice (as they are a good source of having vitamin C).

#3 Home-Made Masks

If you want to add the goodness of Vitamin C directly into your skincare routine, then you can opt for applying home-made face masks. You can take gram flour and add rose water and few drops of pure lime juice, apply the paste on your face. This will directly provide your face goodness of Vitamin C. Other than this, you can make the mixture of dry peels or orange and line, and mix it with raw milk to apply the paste on your face. Remove the paste with wet fingers after rubbing your face.

Vitamin C is a good source for skin, this makes your face fair and bright. So, don’t wait much include vitamin C in your skincare routine today.

Author- SImran Bhatnagar
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