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Every organization has its arrays of rules and regulations which everyone is bound to follow. Whenever any such new change happens it is bound to affect us because we really don’t have this habit of accepting things so easily, but it is important that we don’t react promptly as it will make things worse. What is actually required that if we think that something is wrong with our opinions should reach out, but there is a correct way to do anything.
This is how you need to deal with a change and you really need to be extra careful when you are dealing with some change in office.
1. Voicing your opinion is important but….
A lot of times what we do is react in a hurry without even thinking is it what we really want. You may not get as many chances to speak out so it is crucial that you utilize this chance in the most efficient manner.
How to do it.
• Think about all the Key points which you want to convey• You can communicate effectively when you are clear in your mind what you want to convey.• It is important to decode your opinions into words. Be careful in the choice your words because it will decide the end result.
2. Discuss with your peers….
If you want that your opinion should be heard out loud it is important that you communicate and discuss about it to your peers. If you have the support of them, it will have more impact because a single voice will not get that weightage.
3. Right Time
Everything has a suitable time and if it is done/said at that time it will look wrong, no matter how correctly it is conveyed with conviction. So it is important to understand the time factor.
SO next time if you want to convey any just be bold and courageous to say things you want because if you don’t speak your voice would be forced to shut down. How you have to do is you know it. Right?
Author- Neha Wadhwa
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