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If you have spent time with your grandparents, then you will probably understand that ‘Unke zamane wali baate’ which had lot of fun and lessons to learn. If you have never engaged yourself in such conversations, then you definitely have missed out something very important in your life. But when we are here you really don’t have to worry.
So here is the time to relive the beautiful memories of your grandparents which they probably want to live again.
1. Stealing Things from the farm
That was the time when people were really not engaged with the electronic gadgets the way we are. Kids at that time used to play in the games. Even when you talk to your grandparents, they would tell you how they used to steal fruits from the tree by climbing the tree. That big smile on their face when they talked about their childhood is a treasure to save the whole of your life.
2. In Some other world
Be wondering like a nomad with really no concern about materialistic things of life to, enjoying every little thing be it playing games which really made some sense and taught a lot of things our grandparents lived some other life which we probably are missing out.
Whenever they are having such conversations about their childhood you would be hearing some of these dialogues from them.
Hmare Grandparents aur unka zamana
• Aree hmare zamane ki toh baat hi kuch aur thi
I think they were really obsessed with their times. Was it that special? May be?
• Hum apne time mein ye karte te,wo karte the
I really what rocket science things they used to do in their time.
• Tum kya samzho ge uss wakt ki baate
Do we really want to understand and know about their time?
• Aaj toh kuch nahi hai jo pehle tha
Neither there was any mobile nor internet even then why do they say so. Isn't it called ‘Bol Bachan’
• Aaj ke filmo,gaano, actress mein kaha hai wo baat
Yeah, all the talents were born at their times. Oh really?
Author- Neha Wadhwa
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