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The wedding fever which started with Virushka wedding is just not over and it seems that all eligible celebrities have planned to get married at the end of this year. Although we were the uninvited baaratis but in the back of our mind, we wished to be present at the wedding of our favorite stars. Have you ever thought what would have happened if we were allowed to be part of the grand wedding of the VIP’S?
If you haven’t thought about it then it’s time to take yourself to the wedding of your stars.
1. And the race to show off begin….
One obvious thing that would have happened would definitely be stampede. Just imagine us trying to push each other for getting clicked and to be part of our special one moments. Why? So that we can show off later no? Quite obvious
2. And the wedding never happened because…
Just imagine us trying to take chair, flower pot, decorative items, plates from the wedding venue and nothing is left at the venue not even the wedding essentials. Wouldn’t it be just funny if the wedding that we were so excited to be part of never happened.
3. And the first one to taste the food of Deepika- Ranveer wedding is….
I really wonder what would be the scenario of the food court? Will be really focusing our mind and heart towards the royal taste or just ignore it? Would there also be a race for being the first person to have tasted the food of the wedding of Deepika- Ranveer wedding.
4. And our biggest dream comes true...
Imagine the scenario where we are dancing in madness with our favourite stars. Wouldn’t it be like the biggest dream came true.
Whatever happens at the wedding one thing is sure and that is the ultimate fun at the wedding.
Author- Neha Wadhwa
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