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Russia – the land of vibrant colors, chilly vibes, giant bears and BEST ALCOHOL should be in each and everyone’s bucket list and why not? The ethereal land with warm people and bewitching landscapes will definitely carve a home in your heart in no time.

But, traveling to Russia comes up with certain regulations that you are bound to follow up, let us take a tour of some of the things that you strictly need to take care of if you ever plan to stroll around the Russian lanes:-

1). Always Carry Your Passport

Russians are very particular about security and stuff, thus it is always advised to carry your passport wherever you go as Russian police is authorized to keep someone in custody for as long as they want until and unless they do not get satisfied with the verification.

2). Never Buy Electronics From Streets

Okay, so, Russia is quite infamous for the theft cases. Misguided teens steal phones and try to sell it to tourists on the street at a much cheaper rate, so if you do not want to get stuck in a façade, avoid purchasing an item from the street and always opt for a retailed store.

3). Do Not Smile At Strangers

While Russians are really welcoming, they tend to pass a smile just to their close friends. So, if you are just being cheerful and passing smiles to the beautiful Russian people, they might get a bit uncomfortable, so just try and avoid doing it.
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- Shivam
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