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Wedding photography is one of the most difficult artistic things out there; I mean you are going to hold responsibility for someone’s big day, that’s a HUGE work to assemble!

Now, as we know that art always craves for claps and attention, therefore to applaud the skills of passionate wedding photographers, Fearless Awards is held where the best wedding photos of the year get showcased.

The creator of Fearless Awards says: "Fearless Photographers was founded in 2010 when I was still a working wedding photographer. I am now retired from wedding photography so I can work full-time on the Fearless Photographers business. I founded Fearless to showcase the work of many wedding photographers who made amazing images that went beyond typical wedding photography. I wanted to compile collections of these wedding photos to show the world how distinctive and breath taking wedding photographs could be."

The award committee is very particular in choosing the best of the best, thus on an average just 2 pictures are selected out of a lot of 100 and this makes this ceremony so out of the box. The committee recently unveiled the best pictures of 2018 and we are literally hooting for the photographers:-

1). The Best Umbrella Out There

2). Couldn’t Have Been Much Cuter!

3). This Picture Has So Much Feels

4). Two New Beginnings

5). The Symmetry Is Taking My Heart Away!

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- Shivam
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