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You must be living under the rock if you still do not know about Jason Momoa. The man with infectious charm and a killer smile set everyone’s heart racing at his career’s inception point when he played a lifeguard; and boy, it was just the BEGINNING!

Jason has definitely come a long way; he played a pivotal role in the epic ‘Game Of Thrones’ and left every girl go weak in knee with his ecstatic and brooding masculinity. Now, that he has returned as ‘Aquaman’, our eyes are definitely having a time of their life.

Playing the underwater demigod, Jason has already set cash registers ringing and won many hearts too. His film proved to be a saving point for the sinking DC Universe; they bought everyone on board to save their company but all they needed was this tall muscular charming beast like human.

Today, as loyal ‘Khal Drogo’ fan, we bring you some of the best memes that are a testimony to the fact that Momoa is certainly the best human ever produced:-

1). No Point At All

2). The Many Shades Of Momoa That Are Just Too Hard To Miss

3). Because No One Is As Fun As Jason Himself

4). That Was Some Serious BURN But I Will Have To Admit It!

5). Ladies, Are Your Ovaries Melting Already?

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- Shivam
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