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The Universe balance out when both the positives and negatives travel along in a parallel line. Neither the positive energy is meant to wipe out the darkness and nor the darkness has the capability to reign over the positivity completely. Several practices are followed around the world which doesn’t really seem ordinary or regular. Some might actually scare the hell out also, some would find it equally fascinating.
If more than half of the population around the world worships the Almighty God, the rest of the portion worships and feeds the darkness. One must have heard about creepy stories of black magic, Ouija board, and several other practices of calling the dark ones and keeping their soul alive. Let’s hear some of the most spine-chilling deeds from around the world:
1. Seances
The French word Seances suggests sitting in English. The practice is basically conducted by mediums. It’s the method of contacting with the nonliving phenomena which have crossed paths and moved to another plane. A group of at least 8 people sits in a circle holding each other’s hand, which mostly avoid any hindrance or hesitance for the entity to show up.

2. Necropants
One of the creepiest occultism rising from Iceland is where the skin of leg of the dead one is taken out and worn by the living. Even spookiest part being the 17th-century Icelandic people have been following this strange ritual of making stuff from the parts of dead human and animals and amalgamating it into something really weird.

3. Divination
This is all about gaining foresight and knowledge about the future either by card readers or fortune tellers by the use of magic 8 balls, gazing into candlelight or also the famous crystal balls. Divination is still judged as method followed by Satan.

4. Satanism
Dating back to the 17th century Satanism has still got no proper roots on which it can be described. The ancient Greek god of the underworld and Marduk have been worshipped for a long time, as a result, Satanism somehow got connected to occultism, though the were pagan Gods and not really Satan.

5. Human Sacrifice
As gross as it might sound, human sacrifices under the name of Satanism is still practiced in various parts of the world. On 1995, a girl named Elyse Pahler was attracted by a Eucalyptus grove and then been raped and murdered by three of her teen friends. When caught, the guilty confessed that it was a sacrifice offered to Satan.

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