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Katrina Kaif happens to be one of the prettiest actresses and model so far. Her impeccable dancing skills and a perfect figure makes her the asset of Bollywood though she has got to turn a lot of stones even today to achieve the title of a good actress. In spite of her slow acting, she has always managed to bad her position opposite the Khans which is huge. She has worked with almost all the big actors and her films did absolutely well at the box office because of her maddening fan followers.

No matter how beautiful she seems onscreen, she is believed to be the third most arrogant actress because of a few incidents where she washed her hands and it’s believed to be pretty infamous. The actress doesn’t really like communicating with anyone except her managers, she doesn’t even want to meet her fans that way.

Here comes an incident which was quoted by some anonymous passenger, who was traveling to Mumbai from London via Jet Airways, through business class, and who happen to have met the fortune of witnessing Ms. Kaif in the very class. According to him, it was the time when she was on her rise to fame by delivering few hit movies. Also, she was dating Mr. Khan at that point in time, therefore all eyes were definitely upon her. She looked tired but nevertheless, she looked as beautiful as she looks on-screen.

But an ugly side of her happens to have shocked the entire passengers. When a kid of probably 8-10 years old was all in awe to see her and went up to her to get an autograph of the actress. According to the narrator, the kid faced his wrath calling the sleeping Katrina Kaif aunty and she yelled bad at him saying "How dare you to call me Aunty? Don't you know who I am? How did you come to me? How can the staff be so irresponsible? I am gonna complain," to the utter surprise of everyone present out there. After a minute a Sikh gentleman walked up to her without any fear and ranted " HOW DARE YOU SCARE A LITTLE CHILD AND WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? YOU FOREIGN IMPORT WHO JUST GOT LUCKY TO BE WITH A BOLLYWOOD STAR. SHAME ON YOU!!" which was followed by huge applause by all the passengers which made Ms.Kaif go speechless.

It was indeed a nasty event in her life which might take her years to overcome. All we can ask her is to stay calm if a fan approaches her and not lose her temper. The image is, after all, everything you got to maintain when you’re in Bollywood.

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