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From not allowed to enter to puja Ghar to considering impure to touch anything in the house to associating with evils and black magic menstruation in India is still considered as a taboo despite a lot of public campaigns and movies about the subject. We still fear to have a public discourse because we consider it as a symbol of embarrassment despite being the natural phenomenon.
So once I went to buy a sanitary pad from the shop and shopkeeper started to give me a moral lecture saying that I should keep the sanitary pad in the bag. I really did not understand the reason/ Why? I mean why should any girl feel ashamed of something which is so natural.
Why this moral policing? Has society given some right to interfere in our lives and who are they to guard us?
These are some of the common dialogues that we hear from the society about menstruation
1. Madam isse aap apne bag mein rakh lo2. Aree isse hath mein aise hi kyo le kar ja rahi ho3. Tu down hai phir bhi mandir kyo ja rahi hai4. Aree tumne baal kaise dho liye
Not just the society a girl also feels shy to talk about it…
1. Bhaiya wo de do na…2. Calling it by names like chumps,down ho gayi..wo wala time3. Waiting for others to leave at the chemist shop
This is the scenario of the urban sphere where things are so open when you will see the rural and the backward areas scenario is horrible. From not allowed to go to school girls are exploited at the times of their periods.
It’s high time we dare to speak about it….
Author- Neha Wadhwa
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