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PUBG Mobile created havoc in the gaming world upon its release and as the trend caught fire, it became one of the most happening games upon android and IOS platforms. The game recently touched the 200 million mark and it is a testimony to its ever-growing popularity. The shooting genre game has touched all the right notes amongst the gaming geeks.

But, the one game that was giving PUBG a tough fight was Fortnite. Both the games fall in the same genre and enjoy almost equal popularity among masses. The clash of these titans was always a tea-time debate topic for the gamers. Recently, some estimates have arrived that have proved PUBG’s domination in the league, according to reports: PUBG Mobile now has 40 million daily active users, which is a huge number when it comes to online smartphone games while Fortnite has just 8.3 million players for its mobile version.

Yes, it’s true that Fortnite is essentially a PC game but as we know that mobile games have caught so much attention that their data is what everyone takes into account to tally the prowess. And, here PUBG has emerged as a clear-cut winner. Not just this, PUBG has also exceeded Fortnite’s revenue on IOS platform.

PUBG Mobile has also become the first platform to get the new Vekendi snow map update and it will be available for download starting from 20th December 2018.


Q- This game has 40 million daily active users and has also become the first platform to get the new Vekendi snow map update. Name the game?
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- Shivam
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