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Don’t we all love space and want to visit the placid oblivious place, at least once in life? Yes, we sure do!

But, as fate had destined, neither we have that much money nor the capacity to read a truckload of books and get administered at NASA.

You know, I used to think that the people at NASA are real-time nerds who just hate things like pop-culture and meme arena but my bubble got badly burst when I came to know that NASA is 30 thousand light years ahead cooler than me.

So, I came to know this fact that NASA has been creating expedition posters usually featuring a group photo of the crew for the International Space Station mission that has been happening since 2000. These posters helped NASA to advertise expedition and travel in space; all these posters grace the walls of several government organizations as well.

So, are you ready to get your brain all Spaced-Out? Let’s get scrolling:-

1). Much Cooler Than Antarctic Regions

2). Looks Like A Nolan Film

3). Just Bring In Yoda Here And We Are All Set For The Next Star Wars Movie

4). How Cool Would It Have Been If Hogwarts Was Located In Space? DAYUMMMMM!!!

5). Not Every Time, You Need Keanu Reeves To Make Matrix Look HAWT!!!

Now, that my notion about NASA is broken, I am trying every day to get even half as cool as them.

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- Shivam
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