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In winter our skin tends to lose its inner glow, because of the dry and cold climate. But what if we say that you don’t need to worry much? Because here we have a complete solution through which you can maintain your skin glow even in this cold climate.

By using proper products, giving nature’s love to your skin and keeping it hydrating, you can achieve the lost glow of your skin. You can add the use of such products in your daily routine. They will not only make your skin glow but also give your skin required nutrition, such as glycerine, Shea butter, and almond oil.

Let’s start out tour to pamper skin:-

Body Care Body Lotion:

We have this Oriflame body lotion in top of our list, as the product is perfect for winters. Because it has the goodness of almond milk and mild pH balanced formula, that is essential in winter. The lotion leaves a noticeable impression on your skin with loving scent fragrance. If your skin is drying out, the lotion is the solution, as it prevents it from drying out. Price: Rs. 649.

May Lindstrom The Blue Cocoon:

This deeply luxurious, miracle-working pale-blue balm coddles dry, gentle skin and your skin feels good. This product is perfect to fill the winter-emptiness of skin, as it melts into skin and calm, nourishes your skin. It heals your skin, which always got damaged in winters. Price: $160.

Love Nature Body Lotion Nourishing Almond Oil:

Looking for nature’s love? This another Oriflame body lotion with the goodness of nourishing almond oil give your skin a covering shield to fight against winter dryness. Give your skin its lost glow back by applying love nature body lotion, enriched moisturizer including Glycerine, Shea Butter and Almond treat for smooth and soft skin. Price: Rs. 469.

Rodin Luxury Face Oil:

Rich in skin nutritious essentials, this face oils is very useful as it put face oils on the map. It leaves skin completely luminous. It is the product that is very essential in non-favourable weather because it is ’ultra-hydrating’. Price: $170.

Optimal Hydra Radiance Hydrating Day Cream:

Want to hydrate your thirsty face skin? Optimal Hydra Radiance Hydrating Day Cream is here at your assistance. It is a complete package to make your skin supple, soft and refreshed. You can apply the cream before applying your daily makeup as it is formulated with Swedish nature ingredient blend of Red Algae, Brown Algae and Aqua Minerals. With this you won’t be needed any extra care, it has Vitamin C and anti-pollution active, which shelter your skin from pollutants in the air. Price: Rs. 749.
You can easily find these products on online stores or cosmetic shops.
Author- Simran Bhatnagar
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