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I heard a blaring noise…
Is that a horn?
Is that DJ Pinku’s sound set?
No, It is Sunny Paaji!!!!
Sunny Deol is a living epic tale, no kidding at all, I don’t see his level of hosh, josh and jazbaa in any of the actors that worked or are working in the film industry. Oh, not to forget that he has been blessed with a miraculous throat that can make a sea-wave of people shit in their pants.
In his career spanning 3 decades, he has given us some memorable characters and films that we will cherish forever. His acting has often been over the top but did we ever complain? HELL NO!
We loved his avatars and whatever he did; be it plucking out a damn hand pump or giving people tags like ‘Balwant Rai Ke Kutton’, we loved him every time, didn’t we?
Oh, and let us not forget his exquisite dancing steps that were straight outta Venus.

Yea, talking about this, KEWL!!!!
So, today we have listed down some of Sunny Deol’s memorable characters that you can call out to solve every day problems and it’s TOTALLY GADAR:-

1). Tara Singh

2). Major Kuldeep Singh

3). Kaashi Naath

4). Deva Pradhan

5). Ajay Mehra

Sunny Paaji, your unmatched macho’ism and charisma will transcend time and generation. Thank you for entertaining us for so long, we will forever be in your debt.
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- Shivam
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