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Pictures are one great form of capturing moments and expressing thoughts that otherwise is quite possible to slip out of our minds. Moments happy or sad and sometimes inexplicable is saved forever with the help of a single click.
But, has anybody wondered what dimensions are being reached by photography in the present days. It’s no more about capturing simple clichéd moments but it has got a lot more to play. Below are the few astounding pictures which ask you to stare it for a while and ponder over the significance of it:

1. Guinness World Records calls him their "most prolific record-breaker." Ashrita Furman holds more than 600 Guinness world records which are the greatest, held by anyone. His new record was made when he split 26 melons in just 1 minute on his stomach with a machete.

2. Stuffed Frogs, yes! You heard that right! The skin of the dead amphibians is now stuffed and made to impart a look like they’re having dinner. The museum of Estavayer-le-Lac, Switzerland houses an entire collection of Francois Perrier's taxidermy frogs that presents scenes of 19th-century everyday life.

3. When sunlight diffracted through an aquarium and made to fall upon this British Blue cat in a Krasnoyarsk, Russia apartment. It looks mind-blowing actually.

4. It looks quite terrifying as tourists cross this giant hand that holds the Gold Bridge in Ba Na Hills, Vietnam.

5. At the National Circus in Kiev, Ukraine a monkey performed for the presentation of "The Show of the Giant Fountains" a technical show of light, engineering, and waters.

6. An elderly woman got her picture clicked amid thousands of ranunculus flowers at the Flower Fields in Carlsbad, California. The flowers bloom out from March and stay till early May.

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