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Rohit Shetty – ‘the prince of Masala films’ is all set to enthrall us with his electrifying Simbaa that hits the theatres on December 28. The trailer and songs of the film have already created a lot of moolah and a grand opening is definitely on cards for the Rohit Shetty directorial.

Recently, at an event Rohit was asked if he will ever go on to make critical and small budgeted films, Rohit quipped and replied: "There is a fear of experimenting. I don't want to cheat my audience. When they come for my films, they know there will be songs, dialogue baazi, action, comedy. Tomorrow, if I make a small film just to prove my point, I don't want them to feel 'Oh we didn't spend the money to see this'. I am just worried about that."

Rohit also forced on the fact that everyone thinks that making a commercial film is really easy but it’s the other way round. It takes a hell lot of effort to catch that perfect moment or punch line that will swoon the audience.
He said: "This is the most difficult genre to make. Great film shot in a room is easier but a mass film shot on a road, with 1800-2000 people shooting action is a lot of hard work. It is sad that commercial cinema is looked down upon. A lot of hard work goes into it."

Reportedly, after Simbaa, Rohit will work on a film with Akshay Kumar in lead role.
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- Shivam
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