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Every office has different sets of personalities who have differing attitudes in how they deal with situations and that makes them different from each other.
We have classified different types of girls that we generally find in every office.
1. Always giving dressing advise (I KNOW EVERYTHING)
These girls have weird dressing sense but they will always be seen commenting on everyone’s dress as if she is the MISS DIVA. You would always find them giving advice to everyone on what to wear and how to wear.
2. Ms. Brand conscious
Next comes the category of girls who is so conscious about the brands and will always be seen talking about the brands. Her life revolves around the word brands only. So these so sophisticated girls are one who will only drink coffee on CCD and eat in dominos and if someone dares to talk about any local product you can expect some very weird reactions from them.
3. Ms. Tom boy
She hardly pays attention to what others think. She is a weird yet cool girl who dresses like a tomboy. The bindass girl is always seen with boys roaming around talking about stuff like bikes n all.
4. That Caring & Sweet Girl
She will always be seen helping everyone in their works. The ever-ready girl finds extreme pleasure in doing things for everyone.
5. Ms. Problem solving
She has a solution to a problem of every kind. If anyone has some problem be it professional or personal they will contact her. She is also kind of love guru for everyone in the office.
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Author- Neha Wadhwa
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