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Stress has a bad reputation for a long period of time. But it doesn’t mean that you both can’t become friends. If you search about the stress you will find tons of websites telling about the methods of dealing with anxiety. Magazines are filled with tips for reducing stress and mindfulness-based stress reduction.
But is stress really that bad? According to a research that has been done on 29,000 people over 8 years discovered that a person’s view on stress impacts their health far more than the stress itself.

Let’s take an example to explain it, in a family two brother lives and one of them like to eat bitter guard so he finds it tasty. But on the other hand, his brother doesn’t like bitter guard because he fears from its bitterness and this is the reason that he never eat it.

So, it is not about the bitterness of that vegetable, here the point to ponder about is the person’s views on that particular thing. If the second boy doesn’t think much about the bitterness of the bitter guard then he can get the chance to intake the goodness of it.

This is the same thing that happens with stress. If you think that stress is always bad for you, then your prediction will come true. You star failing, demotivating yourself and life will seem aimless to you. But, if you take your stress as a good thing, then you will- feel like it is giving you energy, challenges you and gets you moving and as stress will become your friend then you won’t fall sick.

People with a positive view of the stress lived many years than those with a negative view of stress- and it is a true and tried fact.

So if you have stress, then convert it into your positive point.

Author- Simran Bhatnagar
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