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Like every year, 2018 was also a mix and match of good and horrendous news. While some made us applaud and whistle, others made us cringe.
We were glad hearing some headlines that for once tried to spread some positivity in the venomous world that we live in. These good headlines made us restore our faith in humanity and were like bright sunshine that comes after a gloomy day.
An illustrator took a whole new creative way to express his happiness on the good deeds that happened in the almost gone-by year. He says: “I'm honestly fed up with all the bad news everywhere. I am not a journalist or an influencer, but I want to use my art to spread some positivity. I want to share some of this year's positive news from around the world in the hope that it brings you some happiness and inspires you to spread some good news yourself!”
Let us all have a look at his amazing work:-

1). Because Feeding Someone Is Far More Better Than Just Throwing It Off

2). A Great Initiative To Promote Menstrual Hygiene And Uplift The Spirit Of Womanhood

3). Thankfully, People Are Getting Aware About Protecting Wildlife

4). I Could Not Have Been Much Happier, Thank You California!

5). Because Freedom Is Not A Choice, It Is A Necessity And Should Be Given To Everyone Out There

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- Shivam
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