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Bollywood songs and sexism somewhere goes hand in hand. No matter how good the peppy the tracks are, if you delve deep into the lyrics it’s all about sexist compliments, stalking, desperation and objectifying women. But neither of us has ever raised a voice against the lyrics. Moreover, we went on playing more of it in our parties, at clubs and almost everywhere. We cannot directly blame the authority for such an act because somewhere, even we’re guilty of promoting the tracks and making it rise to fame.

We have been approving of such track right from the very beginning and we actually had no idea about the gravity of the lyrics and we sang it according to the flow. Let us bring to you the reckless tracks for a better understanding:

1. Apun Bola Tu Meri Laila
The lyrics of the track belong to one of the most famous movies of SRK, Josh. The content is all about a street guy chasing after a girl who is least interested in him. But he’s desperate enough to convince her.

2. Tu Cheez Badi Hai Mast
This timeless track from the movie Mohra has been preaching to objectify women as “cheez”. Are you serious? Is she like goods that have been shipped and delivered to you?

3. Jumma Chumma De De
Probably the most embarrassing songs I’ve ever heard! This track from the movie Hum is something I still can’t grasp the lyrics like why would a woman named Jumma to kiss someone amidst the whole crowd?

4. Lal Dupatte Wali
It’s a famous Govinda track from the movie Aankhe, the video along with its lyrics can creep you out. Two guys are seen stalking and rubbing their bodies against two women. I guess the IPC section 354D wasn’t really active at that time.

5. Tera Peecha Na Main
The video is really sober but the glitch is with the dangerous stalker lyrics. No matter how soothing it might sound, it really scares the hell out. Like in no way, the guy wants to stop chasing her, even if she denies.

6. Gandi Baat
The dirtiest lyrics I’ve ever come across. The guy, just because he’s all done with talking good and being a gentleman he wants to talk dirty to this girl. The rest of the lyrics is just what crap is all about.

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