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We’ve been taught to respect the looks of a person irrespective of how fair or dark they are. Looks are nothing but an outer appearance of a person which in no way defines the very human being. She isn’t a deity if she’s fair and he isn’t a slave if he possesses a dark complexion. It’s all about perspectives and how you look into a person and not at the person. But our Bollywood seems to have been a bit ignorant about this fact initially, and it couldn’t allow anyone who seems less attractive.

Below comes the list of actors who were rejected initially for their appearance and which might shock you to the core:

1. Ranveer Singh
Unbelievable, right? Though a very famous director praised him for his acting skills and believed that could achieve fame in Bollywood, many critics disliked Ranveer for his unconventionally rogue look.

2. Shah Rukh Khan
We can’t deny this though, because the King had some serious issues with his appearance initially. He started his career with television and then got through Bollywood. He was criticized quite a lot for his chocolate boy kinda look. He, of course, proved them all wrong with his charm and acting.

3. Irrfan Khan
This maestro faced a lot of harsh rejections for his looks. Did that stop him from achieving what he’s all today? With his skills and versatility, he’s crossed the path and achieved fame not just in Bollywood, but in Hollywood too.

4. Tabu
Tabu initially got denied because of her manly features. Producers considered her as a tomboy and believed she cannot really become an actress. She got them all wrong with her talent.

5. Nawazuddin Siddiqui
The man who has taught a lesson to the industry that looks can never measure a person’s talent. He who struggled terribly to achieve what his heart ever wanted, became an inspiration for all who think that looks define the persona you possess.

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