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Our parents really feel so proud when we kids achieve some position in our class? Remember, how happy how parents used to be when we grabbed 1st,2nd or 3rd rank in class.
But my dear parents when this becomes the only goal of your kids or you then it is really not good for your kid. You really need to understand this.
I personally have gone through a phase where I felt so pressurised for every single mark that I failed to achieve and when I see my younger generations going through that same stress level I felt that there is a dire need for parents to understand few things which they need to keep in mind while educating their kids.
1. That extra one mark can.....
One thing which needs to be understood by parents is that they really need not put any burden on their kids for every single mark. Yeah, it is important that kids face competition with their peers if they want to stand out, but if it is done at the cost of overall growth then there is no point in achieving that single mark. What parents really need to teach their kids is an overall understanding of the concept which would ultimately help them in their future.
2. Studies are just not enough....
Secondly, parents also need to really take this thing out of their mind that only getting good marks to help kids to survive in this competitive world where everyone is just ready to cut the throat to get ahead of each other. What is really required is make them skilled in every aspect of life. be it games, extra-curricular activities, drama, dance, singing whatever the interest area of the kids is.
3. And the kids really need their fun time...
Nextly, it is crucial that kids are given proper time and space to enjoy and have fun in their lives in whatever form kids want. A lot of time parents may feel that it is the time to make the kids focused on their life and career, but again focusing on just single thing is really not good for the personal growth of the kid.
4. And it's important to make them good man
Lastly, the most important thing that parents really need to pay attention to is building a strong character of their children by teaching some basic moral values of life which remain with them throughout their life.
Author- Neha Wadhwa
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