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A relationship cannot be a bed of roses, it has to go through some heavy ups and downs of varied emotions and moods swings dealing with lovey-dovey things like fights, possessiveness, arguments, anger etc etc....It is important to keep the relationship going despite all these ups and down.
So here are some of the ways by which you can maintain your cool and make your relationship grow more strong and beautiful because it totally depends on you how you weave the thread of your relationship.
1. Misunderstandngs will ruin your relationship
It is really important to communicate and make your point clear. Your partner may not want to talk to you because you had fought on some stupid things. He/she will ignore you in every sense. In such a situation what we really do is let it go and at times our ego comes in our way and we really ake no effort to talk this is when things would get more complicated. So try to explain why that happened.
2. Don't get too aggresive with your partner
If you want to keep your relationship going it is important that both of you respect each other no matter how serious the fight is. You really need to get this thing in mind being aggressive in your words or tone could really make things worse and sometimes it is really difficult to bring things on track. So instead of regretting it is better to think before you actually take any step.
3. Sometimes too much believe in the relationship can...
Sometimes we unnecessary fight a lot considering it a part of usual fights. Why? Maybe because we think we have so much believed in our relationship but as one say anything in excess will only affect you. So you really need to be very very careful in every action of yours.
4. And the love surprises will create some magic...
Lastly, it is important to express love by way of gifts, hugs and lots of co surprises of course. It is the tried and tested formula which works perfectly in a relationship.
Thus allow your relationship to face some hurdles in life and when it comes facing the difficulties it would be the most beautiful one...
Author- Neha Wadhwa
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