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It might sound great when you hear of a couple who stays together. Yes, of course, it does. You get to stay along with the love of your life! What else could sound more romantic? You wake up to him, you make your breakfast together and after a hectic day from work you actually get to return only to him who understands you the most. Nothing could really seem happier than this.

Ask the one who’ve actually been living it and they’ll tell you the pros and cons of experiencing living with your beloved. There arises mixed feelings and reactions because all that seems cool might not be that cool.

When you get to know your partner from inside out, you don’t just see his qualities but also the traits which do not seem familiar to you. You learn about his negatives which at times bother you a lot, you don’t get as to how you can cope with his bad habits. He might not be as much aware of cleanliness as you or it might be just the opposite at times. He might suffer from OCD which on the other hand you’ve no idea about.

The most common reason of separation resulting from live-ins is mostly because of lack of space. All of us would agree to the fact that we require to spend a small amount of time with our own selves and with our friends so that we can keep a balance of it. Too much of something leads to bitterness and that’s what and that’s how to establish sort of a hatred towards it.

It’s not that anybody is judging cohabitation, it’s just that one should be aware enough before taking such a huge decision in life. Moving in together holds both positive and negative aspects but it’s completely up to you as to how would you tackle with it and take it forward.

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