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Flirting is a very necessary phenomenon in every person’s life, especially, in the present era. You can’t deny that you love being flirted by a man who you happen to like in some weird way. But, even flirting has got several guidelines that need to be strictly followed if you really want to make an impression on someone. If you are an Indian woman and have been chased a lot by men who happens to be an eccentric weirdo, then here’s what you can relate to.

No, we are not here for bashing the male who belongs to this proud beautiful nation. Neither are we here to belittle their efforts to win the hearts of the women they fall in love with. We are specifically talking about the techniques involved in it. There is something utterly wrong with the formula of flirting with men over here. You know like, you don’t have to portray your money, your property or your made-up personality to win a girl’s heart which most of the men eventually do.

Pretending to be something which you’re not is another turn-off. The more you seem to be what you are not, the more you lose her. She can immediately catch you if you’re being pretentious and you already lost her if you fake boast about yourself and you possess a loud mouth.

Stop being creepy with styles men! Like you seriously don’t have to overdo your clothes and appearance to win over her. Extreme style coupled with arrogant confidence in front of her is like asking her to hate you. If you’re humorous and witty, that’s where you already won her. A woman loves men who play with wit which of course, is paired by intellectuality. Learn to appreciate the little things that happen around, she would love you when she knows that you’re grounded enough.

Being either extremely flirty or not flirty at all makes you quite a shallow one. You cannot be too flexible or too rigid. Learn to love the way you are and also the emotions of the girl you’re in love with. That’s how you win the ball in your court.

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