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Serving someone food is one of the noblest deeds one can do in life. The waiters and bartenders are collecting goodness with each passing day.
They face good to horrible customers who don’t treat them equally and talk in an utter shitty way but the food servers don’t stoop to their level and always manage to maintain the decorum.
A restaurant sees a lot of people, some happy with their job promotion, some sad because of the ugly break-up, some laugh their hearts out while others seem depressed; a waiter serves them all.
Now, in this post we have compiled hilarious photos of waiters and bartenders that show how these ‘super-humans’ managed to solve the chaos that happened at their workplace:-

1). This Waiter Looks Straight Outta ‘Kung-Fu Hustle’ Flick.

2). A Waiter Gave A Person This When He/She Was Crying In Village Inn Restaurant. The Person Responded With The Bottom Image And This Is Definitely The Best Thing I Saw On Internet Today.

3). A Waitress Saw That A Girl Liked The Powerpuff Girls So She Made A Blossom To Go With Her Chocolate Cheesecake, AWWWWdorable Gestures!

4). That Waiter Must Have Been A Hard-Core Baniya, *Sigh*.

5). The Waiter Asked What This Boy Wanted For Dessert, He Said "Nothing." What Followed Next Was A Laugh Riot Situation.

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- Shivam
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