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If you also have this habit of careful noticing the people around you, you will also find these different types of people in a park. If you haven't noticed, then we are always with you to give the complete glimpse of people around you.
So get set to travel with the different types of people in a park without even actually going there.
1. Gossip Aunties
The high-class society aunties will gather in a park with a kind of kitty party arrangements in the park and will discuss about everything from the latest fashion statements to the new jewellery bought to talking about that Mrs Sharma who is the common target of everyone in the group.
2. Releasing Laughing Gas
Then comes the fitness freak whom you will find doing some weird kind of laughing exercises or for that matter, they have some unique way of spreading happiness in their group and yes of course also to all people surrounding them.
3. Lost in their own world
There are some people whom you will see with their headphones on and oblivious of their surroundings jogging and walking in the park for some uncountable number of hours.
4. Lovebirds
Okay then comes the cutest people who add some romance in the park and make the environment of the park filled with more emotions. You will find them sitting cosily with each other in the park.
5. And some normal people maybe?
Author- Neha Wadhwa
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