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Be fashionable all the time but shop smartly!

Being fashionable all the time can make your pocket empty each time. But what if, I’ll tell you a superb idea to get ready for each day in your life in low-cost investment.

Here I am introducing with an idea which I noticed actually many girls are doing it. You can also shop for some good stuff in low-cost. You may have seen many stylish girls around you and thought of looking stylish. But do you afraid of spending your more than half salary on it? Don’t worry, I am here with you to solve your problem.

Low Budget Idea
Here I am to share with guys that how you can wear low rates clothes instead of buying clothes from high rated brands. And after watching this you can look adorable every day. Whether it is your meeting, casual outing with friends, party night or even you want to create something twisted, you can use your mind and buy good stuff from street markets.

Almost every city or town has their cheapest markets, actually, they are in contact directly with export houses and from they got these kinds of stuff in bulk and this is the reason that we get clothes from these markets in such a low rate.

Be You
Actually, guys, it is all about how you carry your clothes, whether it is from a brand or a low-rate street market. It is the inner confidence which makes us look adorable in each outfit.

Let’s see what I have got for you:-

I have decided to show you four styles:
• Formal Wear
• Casual Wear
• Party wear
• Twisted Wear

1. Formal Wear-

For formal wear, I paired white turtleneck top with formal high waist black & white checked formal palazzo pants. You can also add coat to make it more formal. I have brought all the stuff from the street market.

2. Casual Wear-

Casual wear should be comfortable, so I took a hot pink turtleneck crop top, and paired it with grey joggers and a front open sweater. You can get the details in the video below.

3. Party Wear-

I kept the look more like an office party, for by keeping no accessories I turned all the focus on my bright pink short jacket that I have paired with a black & white jumpsuit.

4. Twisted Wear-

In the list, I wanted to add something interesting, so I thought of creating an Indo-western outfit, by black top and jegging and draped a bright blue colored printed dupatta. I gave the look a boho look by wearing a nose pin.

See the video below for the watching the complete look.

<iframe width="100%" height="250" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
Author- Simran Bhatnagar
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