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You have made note of the trends. You have pinned all the beauty looks that you wanted to try and of course, you have given them a shot. We are standing at the end of the year, and waiting for a new start. Meanwhile, we have managed to compile all fashion hacks and trends that were launched in the year 2018. Now it is the time for you to scan your photos of all the #2018 trends that you have tried and for us, it is right time to show the most popular trends that had been followed this whole year.

Trendsetters have found such an easy way to show their collection and extend their reach and that is- Movies, web series, and television series. From the start of the January till now (end of the year), stylists launched so many fashion trends, now it is time to recall some of them.
So, without wasting any more time, let’s start the journey together.

DIY Clothes-

We saw many fashion bloggers doing DIYs in their videos to re-create that tape & button long slit pants, sticker jackets, and embroidered jeans. This trend became so viral, that it caught many of us attention and we all tried it even this jackets and pants we could find in almost every market.


Fishnet jeans and socks at the one of this year became so popular that every fashionable girl owned it. They were one of the best gifts from the list of #2018 fashion trend s that the year has given us.

Galaxy Print-

Galaxy print also became so popular; many people also tried fusion with it or wore according to their style. I guess Trendsetters got inspired from the galaxy painting of the artists.

Belt Bags-

In 2018 we have noticed that a trend of accessory came from 90s’ fashion and that is- waist belt bags. You have seen many girls this year carrying the bag, it is not only comfortable, but it also looks so stylish.

Short Suit Set-

You may have seen the matching pair of formal look short suit set. This suit carries a pair of formal shorts with a matching blazer and you can pair it up with a plain white top. This trend became so in-style around the office girls in summer 2018.

Author- Simran Bhatnagar
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