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We lived one more year of our life learning some things, making some mistakes, spreading some happiness, making some relationships, broken some relationships. Some really important people of our life went from our life and some new people came in our life. As the new year is finally approaching its the time to celebrate everything we did in the past year and when it comes to celebrations different people celebrate the new year in their own way.
Have a look at them.
1. New Year Resolutions Lene Wale Log
As the new year is about to ring the doorbells there are some people for whom the only purpose of life becomes to think about that new year resolution which they would like to complete in the coming year. One thing that needs to be noted is that they are so much engaged in the task of thinking about new year resolutions really does not mean they would be completing that. You will just find them determined in just taking the resolutions.
2. Party Animal
Then there are some people whose idea of celebrating the new year is sorted than anyone. For these people, new year celebrations have the very obvious connotation of the new year with 'daaru wali party' and these people will not just comprise with that no matter what happens.
3. Award Function Enjoy Karne Wale Log
For a lot of people, new year celebrations are just equivalent to sitting in the comfortable spaces of the homes and not really leaving the bed and enjoying those award function on Tv which comes on 31st Dec. These people are so lazy to move out their usual spaces.
4. We Really Don't Care
There are also some who really do not have any ideas/ plans for the new year. They are someone who has this attitude that why is there any need for celebrating. A new year has some. Okay so what?
5. Long Vacation Planners
Then finally comes the people whose plans for new year outing get prepared as the month of December is about to start. They would have new year plans fixed at some hill station, in mountains or some beautiful spot.
Do you have your plans sorted? If not what are you really waiting for?
Author- Neha Wadhwa
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