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I know in today’s busy life you don’t get enough time to get ready. If you are want to go to the party after office, I swear you don’t want to run to the parlour every time. So to get the perfect Mix and Matte makeup look, watch the video below.

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Mix and Matte makeup look
This makeup look is- Mix and Matte, it has subtle copper eyes and focusing on the bright lip color. But I have added few changes in the look. Actually, there is no mentioning about blush, but I have added in it. Because blush makes us look fresh.

Let’s start the makeup guide step by step-
Before starting the makeup I have washed my face and applied a little bit of moisturizer. Don’t forget to prepare your skin before applying makeup on it, and moisturizing is the most important step.

After moisturizing it’s time for primer. I love to use Argon oil serum as my primer as it gives my skin inner glow. But you can use any primer that suits best to your skin.

Moving forwards by preparing the base for my face. I am using my go-to easy to apply foundation and then giving the coverage with concealer. Now it’s time to contour my cheeks and nose. Actually, contouring is helpful in making your features sharp.

Now it turns to do eyebrows and eyelashes. I goanna quickly add one coat of eye mascara. See how the eyemask changes the whole eye look, it makes the eyes to look bigger.

After completing the eyes and cheeks, let’s move to the most important part of this whole look, that is- Lips. For lips, you can choose any bright colored lipstick of your choice. You can choose a red color, darker shades of brown, cocoa color, berry color and so on. I have chosen my favorite color that is dark vine berry shade.

Did you noticed how beautifully this whole look turned out to be, you can also create the look on your face and add a few changes according to your preferences.

Author- Simran Bhatnagar
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