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Humans are restless, we tend to complain at petty issues and we get infuriated in no time. This devastated human state is probably because of the fast-paced lifestyle that we have acquired. We do not have time for ourselves to attain some mental peace which is why we are getting trapped in the walls of anguish with each passing day.
We have become so impulsive that our anger is vented out on things that are not even living, breaking phones, tapping the remotes hard on the desks, throwing pens and what not; we take our furiousness on these non-living things.
But, have we ever thought of what these tongue-less things must’ve been feeling because of our behavior? Well, an illustrator has helped us to see what these things need to convey:

1). Wi-Fi – ‘Stop Bothering Me Again And Again, Human!’

2). Alarm Clock – ‘You Have Not Been A Loyal Friend.’

3). Wine – ‘You Got No Etiquettes, Have You?’

4). Remote – ‘Stop Cursing Me And Just Lift Up Your Heavy Ass, Please!’

5). Mobile Phone – ‘Can We Continue Your Utter Nonsense Tomorrow, For God Sake!’

6). Lighter – ‘What The Hell, I Also Wanted To See Coldplay.’

7). Candle – ‘Are You Guys Serious, LIKE SERIOUS?’

8). Takeaway Coffee – ‘Are You Sure You Went To School?’

So, Humans, take this as a lesson, stop looking for your appliances to throw out your anger because they too have feelings, bruh!
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- Shivam
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