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I am not completely sure that you will not afraid after seeing these makeover fails. So be ready! Before these celebrities used their minds to change their faces, they actually have beautiful faces. Now they are far-from-flattering times when they won many hearts with their fresh look.

From there they went on adding a little heavy on the powder, wore more bronze than anyone should ever use in their whole life or they just move forwards towards choosing the bold makeup looks, and the result came out a- the worst makeup fails of celebrities.

The way some of these celebrities put so much of powder and caking it, you might think that it must be a face full powder is something fashionable. Perhaps that’ what the likes of Nicole Kidman, Uma Thurman, and Drew Barrymore were thinking when they first tried to step out in this look.

Some of them appeared with too much highlighter on their skin and thinking it as something fashionable or it may set a new trend. OK! I guess none of us would ever want trendsetters like them.
What do you think they were trying to set a trend or want to grab all the flashes? Basically, they were trying to get some attention with their unconventional and wildly looks. Kelly Osbourne’ goth look, Tyra Banks strangely going for the over catty eye makeup and we have no words for Lady Gaga’s strange attempt to look like a dead woman walking over the carpet.

These photos below are the proof that most famous persons in the world could also ruin their look and have such as bad look. All the handlers and professionals are hired by celebrities to make their clients look fabulous, especially when they’ll be photographed, but these celebrities’ professionals are up to something else.

Author- Simran Bhatnagar
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