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We are introduced to many games, and these games apart from entertaining also play role in marinating the fitness. But some of the games have some different funny illustration in the audience’s mind. These games are popular but also have a different side, let’s see that.

Polo- Richie Rich Game

If you have ever watched the Polo game, then you will realize that it is actually a Richie Rich kind of a game. Players don’t sweat, they ride on a horse. Such a rich-people game.

Baseball- Confusing Game

So much confusion. It is the game which creates muddle at a higher level. If you are new or don’t watch the game more often, then it would create a great mess in your mind. You can't interpret which player has to run on which side.

Chess- Complicate Game

The game includes forest animals and also the warriors, but be aware that in this game your King can’t assure you that it will save the queen. Actually, it is the most complicated game. I want to ask, who decided that horse will only move 2 ½ steps.

Kabaddi- Dirty Game

OK, it is an interesting fun game, but so dirty. When you take bath after crawling in the sand you will see that you actually have collected tons of sand in your hair, hands, inside the mouth and even in your clothes.

Playing Cards- Gossip Aunty Game

It is a night game to play which gamblers like to go at the casino, but if you have ever seen all the Aunties’ kitty party, you will realize that actually the game was invented for them.

Author- Simran Bhatnagar
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