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Stress happens to be a natural phenomenon which took its birthright when human earth was endowed with life. Stress is everywhere like there’s no place, nothing or no person on earth without a touch of stress. Throughout the years, many thoughts about stress have been developed and have also been believed blindly. Few of them are the ones which you can relate as well but it’s high time to break the myths, which is creating complete wrong notions in our minds:

1. Stress is the same for all.
No, stress differs from person to person. What you might take as stress might not be stress for the other person. The definition of stress is different for different people. Thinking of going to the office might put stress on someone, while for others it’s not a stress at all.

2. Stress is just bad.
Tension is the most important thing for the strings of a violin. Too high or too low of tension would create dull and a shrill noise respectively. When the tension is balanced that’s when it produces pleasant music. Same goes along with life where a little stress is always good for improving and grasping lessons in life.

3. Stress is not confined to a particular thing.
Yes, stress isn’t just for a matter of time. Stress is a factor which is omnipresent. Like going out every time driving your vehicle to possess the threat of an accident but, that alone cannot stop you from driving it and reaching your destination.

4. The most popular techniques are the best stress reduction methods.
How can some other people suggest you methods that can possibly stop your aspect of stress? It all depends upon how you tackle with it or rather how you stop it. Listening to music is my kind of stress buster. Decide what’s yours!

5. The major symptoms of stress require serious attention
Major stuff happens when the minor symptoms are ignored. Minor symptoms of stress like nausea, insomnia might suggest that you need to look after your mind and body before it’s too late. You can’t ignore any signs of stress. Learn to deal with it.

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